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The Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) introduced the communication and information service called "iBond", or the former name was Bond Information Service (BIS), available for ThaiBMA dealer-members and market participants since May 4, 1999. The service is available through the internet and includes a full coverage of the Thai bond market data which serves as a tool for efficient trade and investment. It also provides users easily access to the latest market information and other services via internet network.

To provide more efficient services for members and subscribers, on October 4, 2006 ThaiBMA launched an exclusive website named "iBond" (www.ibond.thaibma.or.th) which was separated from a main website of ThaiBMA (www.thaibma.or.th). After separation, iBond has became a totally password-required website and serves only ThaiBMA members and subscribers who have the passwords authorized by ThaiBMA.

iBond provides a wide range of Thai bond information as a complete source for trading, funding and investment. Besides bond data, it also provides an essential infrastructure for bond market development and benchmark i.e. yield curves, bond indices, bond calculation, bond registration and their disclosure. In addition, it provides a unique source of bond price references which has been endorsed by the SEC for marking-to-market process of fund management businesses in July 2006.

As Thailand bond information center and bond pricing agency, ThaiBMA provides an in-depth data regarding Thai bond market as a whole. There are six groups of information provided via iBond as follows;

Bond Info.

provides the updated outstanding sizes, bond types, features and details of all registered bond with ThaiBMA more than 3,200 issues (as of June 10, 2016). This topic comprises of 8 sub-groups namely Registered Bond, Auction & Result, Bond Search, Issuer Information, Inflation-Linked Bond, Bond Update, FRN Rate Search and Bond Risk Profile to serve all market players.

Yield Curve

provides a wide range of benchmarks for trade and investment as follows; Government Bond Yield Curve, Zero Coupon Yield Curve, Alternative Zero Coupon Yield Curve, Par Bond Yield Curve, Implied 6 months Forwards, Corporate Bond Yield Curve, Corporate Spread, US Treasury and SOE Spread Matrix.


provides a full coverage of bond pricing based on updated standards and conventions of Thai bond market. The results display an informative and complete data such as clean price and gross price, accrued interest, discount margin, days counted, sensitivity analysis, terms, features and their cash flows. Besides the useful outputs, dealers can report their trading transactions to ThaiBMA via this page for offering more convenient use to members.


Bond Price

provides an essential information of bond price references which are conformed to the SEC announcement. They consist of end-of-day trading, intraday trading, mark-to-market prices, RP reference yield and Quotation.


provide all types of Thai bond indices which have been used for benchmarking investment policy, for monitoring market movement, and for measuring investment performance. There are indices as follows; Government Bond Index, Composite Bond Index, T-Bill Index, Zero Rate Return Index, State-Owned Enterprise (Guarantee and Non-Guarantee), Corporate Zero Rate Return Index, Commercial Paper Index, Short-term Government Bond Index and MTM Corporate Bond Index.


comprise of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports which have been regularly published by ThaiBMA for providing the latest market movement in each period.

Besides the above six valuable groups of information, ThaiBMA also provides a peculiarity for members by offering "iBond Dashboard". The page has been specially designed for giving convenient use to our iBond users. For this feature, the users can make a tailor-made information page to serve their own needs and can save the latest format for next use.

For more information about iBond, please contact Bond Pricing & Product Development Department at telephone no. 0-2257-0357 ext. 451 - 456 or pricing@thaibma.or.th

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